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On a regular basis companies have a need to share product information, either internally or with partners, customers and suppliers. For companies using Teamcenter there may often be a need to quickly export files and data out of the PLM environment. The EasyExport plugin addresses the need for an easy to use tool, yet with flexible and advanced options for expedient file export.

Key Capabilities

  • Advanced naming
  • Advanced filtering
  • Outlook integration
  • Structure processing
  • Folder creation
  • Archive file creation
  • Export postprocessing
  • Customizable

Ready to go with Teamcenter

A quick and easy client side deployment for Teamcenter versions 9, 10 or 11 gives your users immediate access via the right mouse button to smart export functions, with options that simplifies and speeds up the entire file export process, based on your object selections.

Optionally use the advanced filtering options and pre-set definitions to get the exact end result you need and nothing more, in a single operation. If applicable, include structure traversal and folder creation and then automatically zip the files and have them attached to an e-mail if you want, for even less end user interaction.

You can easily configure the plugin to leverage your efforts from building your own business processes and data model extensions. A settings file gives the administrator the ability to configure this and various other aspects of the plugin behavior such as defaults, definitions and actions.

You can even extend the usability of EasyExport by defining and linking to your own custom postprocessing actions. Examples of this could be stamping and batch printing.

For more detail information on the plugin or specific functions, product pricing or how your company can obtain EasyExport please contact us at Zenith Systems.

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